Transforming Brand Value(s) to Brand Equity

Miazo is a brand development consultancy and translation agency that offers solutions to make brands grow and keeping organizations accessible, consistent and identifiable. Our vision on building brand trust and sustainable behavior change is based on an integrative approach - from brain to brand.

Companies that invest socially and sustainably in people and brands do not only have higher returns on investment, but are also more successful in attaining their organizational goals, both internal and external. They understand that this leads to stronger valuable customer relationships and a higher brand equity.

Transforming Business

Our mission is to connect brands to people, creating a common culture, experience and (sensory) language. And by doing so, adding (shared) value. We believe that transforming business is about transferring usable knowledge to our clients and their customers - by providing meaningful, guiding and unifying brand values where all stakeholders can identify with.

What we can do for you

Trust Traits & Value(s) Research

Brand & Company Values
Brand & Company Value(s)

We use our published brand value compass to create sustainable value(s). This is a reviewed framework to develop sustainable strategies and ecosystems for multiple brand equity creation. The compass offers opportunities to create brand added value and trust. Read here about our peer reviewed book publication (or order the BNL bestseller) Read here our scientific paper (Impact of Brands on People, Markets & Society)

Corporate Culture Traits
Individual & Corporate Culture Traits

At Miazo we offer a unique method for consumer, employee, teams and organisations; our own scientific developed IAT Personality Traits Test. This is the fastest scientific (4-minute) personality test in the world, measuring the strongest hidden brain preferences, based on people's personal and/or shared corporate cultural and behavioral personality traits. Try it for free, and convince yourself, your team members and/or your organisation


Our Two-Way Approach

Building Trust:
Long-term Value Creation

Everything starts - and ends - with trust. Miazo helps brand owners to add to the Brand Equity of their brand(s) and advises organizations on their identity, portfolio, growth strategy and positioning. Resulting in strong brands that fits your brand culture and values, and stand out from the crowd. We develop future-proof brands that show sustainable growth, by creating durable customer trust relationships, and a future-focus on sustainable long-term goals.

Designing Trust:
Touching Peoples Lives

Successful brand communication is not only about conveying a strong brand message, pursuing a meaningful purpose or offering a relevant brand promise. It should also evoke positive emotions and associations, reinforcing brand dialogue and brand loyalty. We focus on fulfilling our client's objectives by ensuring the strength and consistency of all their customer touchpoints. By designing trustworthy customer services that exceed expectations when they touch people's daily lives.

Our Services

  • Research
    Understanding the human mind

    At Miazo our brand research and development is based on design innovation thinking and implicit research methods.
    Miazo helps to increase the brand product's perceived value to the customer and thereby increase brand equity and trust. We do this by providing (consumer) insights, association sets and design concepts. Resulting in a better understanding of your customer's decisions, increasing sales and marketshare, and a higher brand salience (top of mind position - when consumers choose your product). By sharing information, experience and knowledge with our clients, we aim deliver the highest quality and service possible when translating client requirements into focused functional solutions.
    For our research we use our online research platforms: |

    Our Research Methods

    Miazo Research Methods

  • Strategy
    Building meaningful value brands

    Advice about your brand strategy, identity, brand portfolio, growth opportunity and positioning.
    Miazo views brand strategy not only as a process to achieve organizational goals and growth potential, but to also build sustainable trust-based relationships between companies and customers. Miazo bases its strategy and creative thinking on a thorough analysis of our clients' brand(s) and marketing objectives, design needs, consumer insights, and innovations in their marketplace. Next Miazo determines a company's verbal and visual brand language, followed by identifying opportunities and defining a strategy to realize new branding and marketing communication plans.
    For more information, read our scientific publications: Sustainable Brand Leadership | Strategic Brand Management

  • Design
    Designing and managing Identity

    Believable communication & design solutions for brands and companies that want sustainable growth.
    Brand design is the process of creating relevant and believable brands that have cognitive, affective and behavioral (read visual and memorable) impact. Miazo formulates brand values and defines a strategy to build strong brands that have a unique presence and a focused message. Miazo provides strategic design and marketing concepts for packaging and retail, using the latest innovations in consumer insights. Resulting in design that differentiates and reinforces business, and that inspires through challenging concepts, functional design, and dynamic appearance.

  • Experience
    Engaging Customer Journeys

    Build long-term relationships with your customers by ensuring brand consistency across all touchpoints.
    Miazo helps consumers to improve their social branded experiences and offer brands a unique opportunity to be the relevant driver that connects positive emotions. Therefore, brands need to evoke emotion at the right moment: the brand experience. This is the positive feeling when a customer interacts with a brand. By being useful and relevant. This experience can occur at home, in public, while traveling, in a retail environment, or online. Miazo can help to improve this experience in order to build long-term relationships with your customers by ensuring brand consistency across all touchpoints.

  • Language
    Conveying the right brand value(s)

    We translate your message. Result-oriented and convincing, conveying its distinctive essence and values.
    When people think about brands, most people give the impression that what they stand for is mostly about visual elements, like logos and corporate colours. But when we construct a brand with our thoughts, we use in most cases words (brand associations). When a brand's tone of voice is consistent, it allows the consumer to recognize its brand and its perceived expectations. Miazo believes the strongest brands are those that use a brand language that allows the brand to convey its distinctive essence and values or qualities through the associations it uses.

  • Translation
    Consistent transfer of information

    A good translation is not only a transfer from one language into another, it also places the content of a concept into another cultural context.
    To be able to translate a text correctly, translators don't only have to know languages but also have to have world knowledge. Situational knowledge is crucial for a perfect, authentic translation. Miazo localizes content for books, websites, software, presentations, brochures or manuals, to local and global markets. Miazo can localize source documents to the cultural and linguistics aspects of a target language. A simple conversion from the source language to the target language is not enough; the content has to be adapted to different cultural areas as well.
    We edit, review and manage corporate terminology and translation projects with: Trados


Our Research Tool Resultal
Is Made Available For Public Use.

Resultal offers online questionnaires, tests and experiments for PC, tablet and smartphone for research on every location.
For only € 5,50. Start now and set up your study in minutes. Resultal. All Your Research & Results in Your Own Hand.

Main advantages

You Stay in Control

Full Access - With Resultal you have full access and full control of your own data and results. You get access to all our tools for surveys and studies on location, online or in the lab. You also have a limitless amount of experiments and studies to create (fair use policy).

Easy to Use - Set up studies and workflow in minutes. The platform is easy to use (no coding needed) and offers everything you need for online research. View data results real time on your dashboard, or download data in .csv for further analysis. Start now and have your study up and running in no time!

Safe & Cost Effective

Virus free - Safe to use. As participants use their own mobile phone, there is no direct contact with buttons or other possible contaminated surfaces, which cannot be disinfected all the time.

Living Field Lab - Fast onboarding with unique QR-codes or short url+codes on location. Redirect to own web (reward) page at end of study. View participant/study locations on the map. View participations in time line.

Cost Effective - Only a cent per respondent. No limits on building experiments (fair use). A single user has 550 participant-uses for € 5,50.

GDPR Compliant

Trust, security and privacy are essential to Resultal.
Your data is safe with us. We don't sell your data to third parties. Resultal is fully compliant with EU privacy-laws. (End)users have access to their shared data.
Read about our GDPR Compliancy

Work safely together - All your research(data) convenient in one place, safely stored in the cloud. We use protected data acquisition on SSL secure servers. Work in teams with collaborative notes.

For Who is Resultal?


An affordable study tool for schools, groups, clubs, communities, universities, governments and organizations.

Our research platform offers easy-to-use survey tools with a minimum learning curve. The interface works intuitive and easy do discover using drag & drop. With efficient imports of example surveys and other studies you can have your study design up and running in minutes! Your data is automatically visualized on your dashboard, without the need for additional software or analysis!

For educational use. 
Resultal is an affordable study tool to conduct your research with or enhance your lectures by activating students.


A location-based consumer insights tool for marketers, designers, consultants, businesses and events.

Resultal’s browser-based research tools range from quick surveys to implicit association testing, allowing data collection where it matters: online and on the spot. With easy on-boarding on every smartphone or tablet through automatically generated QR-codes, you can gain important real-time customer insights and consumer satisfaction in the field.

A versatile tool. 
Besides customer feedback, you can use it for psychological, sociological, economical or marketing studies (or any study you can imagine).


A validated scientific research tool for researchers, scientists, (PhD) students, developers and designers.

Resultal is a validated research tool, offering high accuracy and stimuli precision on location or in lab settings. It can be used for cognitive and behavioral research projects, such as priming or association tasks. The display times are accurate and the reaction times are captured automatically.

Valid Research. 
For researchers, Resultal is a reliable data acquisition tool in the lab, or on every location with Internet. Furthermore, you can invite team members to directly share your results and discuss the data.

Easy Work Flow

Resultal flow

Start using Resultal Now
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Courses & Masterclasses

Get Science-Based Insights in Brand Trust and Trust Leadership

Open up your mind with the latest managerial and psychological insights for leaders who take (brand) trust seriously.
There is evidence that trust between staff and workers is truly a hard, economic driver for every brand organization.
Learn how to identify and measure trust and use this to perform sustainably better as a high-trust organisation.
In the courses you will explore the most relevant trust topics using directly applicable knowledge.

Miazo offers the following education:

TRUST.MBA® in 1 Day

1 Day Investment - The day covers trust decision-making and the psychology behind (brand) trust and our (daily) trust decisions and behaviors. Four interactive classes cover various trust concepts in an accessible and concise way, but with enough time to reflect on the matter.

Directly Applicable - No PhD in neuroscience or a background in (bio)psychology required. But simply packed with practical insights you will understand. Besides offering summaries of the most relevant (but easy to grasp) theory, also (mind blowing) participant experiments are presented.

Only Incompany - At the moment TRUST.MBA in 1 Day is only offered InCompany or on request. If you are interested, please call +31(0)6 50914010.

Please visit for more information.


Trust Leadership - Which mechanisms drive trust, and how to positively influence behavioral change in the current and future connected age? People do not only look for purpose (meaningfulness), autonomy and self-determination (personal development), but also for social contact and cooperation (within teams), and a deeper connection with the living environment as a whole (future connectedness).

Gain trust as a confident leader - Trust (in each other and in the future) is essential for change, connection, empathy and leadership. In his lectures, bestseller author and world leading authority on trust Drs. Erik Schoppen shows the integral functioning of trust inside and outside the brain, and how future-proof trust with the right emotions and motivations leads to sustainable behavioral change.


Neuroscience behind Brand Trust - Discover how trust works in our brain. What are the biological functions of trust, and how can you influence these? How do we make decisions in our consumer behavior, and how do we experience brands? How do we make 'The Leap of Faith?' This is the trust to take action, sometimes developed in (milli)seconds and with little information (using shortcuts (biases) in our brain). The way we process cognitive information is key to understand consumer thinking and to predict future behaviors.

Rebuilding Trust - This keynote focuses on how to restore our social, organisational, technological and societal trust systems. Trust is essential for change, social cohesion and leadership. For example, we need trust in digital ecosystems to work online. And we need trust in sustainability to solve the climate crisis.

In The Spotlight
  • Strategy
  • Translation
  • Design
  • Miazo case
    Brand Research & Development

    Strategic Brand Management (Book BNL)

    Co-founder Erik Schoppen of Miazo is, besides an expert in the field of trust, also co-author of Strategic Brand Management 5th BNL Edition (2022): Building, measuring and managing future-proof brand equity in a sustainably connected world.

  • Miazo case
    Translation & localization

    Microsoft 11 for Dummies

    Miazo translated Microsoft 11 for Dummies for the BNL market. This book by Windows expert and bestselling author Andy Rathbone gives you a helping hand by showing you how to get around the newly updated Windows 11 interface.

  • Miazo case
    Brand Identity Development


    Miazo developed the brand naming and brand identity for the FLEXESS brand for Maasland Group, an international access solutions provider. Miazo is also involved in the product interface design and online presence for the portfolio.

Clients who trusted us

Flow of the Wave

Miazo means 'flow of the wave'. This is our name and philosophy since we founded our company in 2003. Because waves have great impact on the surface of the oceans and they transform the envelope between air, water and land. Where waves influence our climate by mixing ocean and atmosphere, Miazo has a positive influence on organizations by achieving sustainable growth by creating value from within, inspired by a purposeful mission and vision. In essence, Miazo is the flow of transforming sustainable business...

The flow of the wave reflects Miazo's philosophy:

Wash Up

A wave is a forward motion of energy, caused by a fresh wind blowing over the ocean, changing its surface into waves. As waves grow in height, the wind pushes them along faster and higher. When the forward speed of the crest becomes faster than the speed of the wave, the wave breaks.

Changing Perception
This 'brainwave' opens up our eyes, and symbolizes the breakthrough that brings new thoughts and insights.


After a breaker has collapsed, a turbulent flow of water splashes up the beach. Although water molecules remain where they are, the energy of the wave moves towards the shore. This swash is a powerful surge that changes appearance by removing and replacing beach sand. It stirs up old grounds, reshapes coastlines, and is responsible for the renewal of our beaches.

Transforming Ideas
This stage refreshes the way we think. It sets the course for a mental journey, where inspiring ideas are transformed into solid solutions.


When the force of the swash has been spent against the slope of the beach, a return flow goes down the beach, leaving behind new materials in a revived environment. The wave has transformed the envelope between air, water and land.

Making Space Again
This phase creates clarity in the mind, provides useable knowledge, and integrates strategy, language and design. The tide has come to bring developed concepts into practice.

Key Staff
Drs. Erik Schoppen
Innovation, Research & Design
Drs. Nathalie Kuilder
Translation & Localizaton