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Winetracks International / BWGH

'As our brand consultant Erik has proven to be a top leading advisor in the field of branding and marketing, bringing Canei successfully to the # 1 wine brand in the Netherlands. His innovative ideas for building brands (physical and digital) demonstrate a strong vision about how to connect the emotional key-drivers of consumers.'
Manon de Gunst, International Marketing Manager
Winetracks International is a marketing led sales organisation building successful wine brands and selling them in the international wine arena. Since 2007 Winetracks International markets the wine brand Canei worldwide.

Holiday on Ice

'Erik's presentation on brand management to our marketing divisions set us thinking about our own brand, image and identity. Very educational, but also very entertaining.'
Nancy van Uffelen, Brand & Marketing Coordinator
Holiday on Ice is the undisputed worldwide market leader in ice entertainment and the world's largest touring live-entertainment production: visiting more than 110 cities in 20 countries each year.

Studiekring Noord / UMCG

'A surprisingly substantive look into the world of brand management and how we store brands in our brain.
Very inspiring, a real eye-opener. Some lectures require energy, this gives energy.'
Jan Buitenhuis, Verzekeringsarts en register geneeskundig adviseur, Medisch adviseur bij Univé, en docent en onderzoeker bij het UMCG.
The Studiekring Noord Foundation aims to organize accredited education for insurance and occupational physicians.
The faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Groningen works closely with the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), and provides medical scientific education and carrying out medical scientific research.

Baarsma Wine Group Holding

'Erik is a very agreeable personality. He has excellent communication skills and has assisted us, to our complete satisfaction, in strategic brand consultancy, product development, corporate design and deployment of means of communications of the Baarsma Wine Group. The cooperation with Erik has clearly contributed to the structural growth our company experienced these past couple of years.*'
Tjeerd van der Hoek, Executive Director
Baarsma Wine Group Holding (BWGH) is a leading distributor of quality wines from all over the world with a fast growing distribution network in every sector of the wine market across North-West Europe. Established 30 years ago in the Netherlands, BWGH has evolved into one of the main players in the European wine market, with a turnover of more than 250 million Euros. [*from 25 mln in 2003 to 259 mln in 2008].

Maasland Group

'Through his clear advice in the field of market positioning, brand management and implementation of our complete identity-restyling, the strategic position of the Maasland Groep has improved to a level that achieving market leadership has become a realistic goal. During this process of tranformation Erik manifested himself as a serious and creative strategist with a good sense of humour. He has evidently contributed to the success of our company.'
Wim Maasland, CEO
Maasland is a product, service, and knowledge provider in the field of electronic access control. Maasland is operating internationally and supplies access security solutions for both professional and private use.

Kevin Lane Keller about Benelux Edition Strategic Brand Management

It is my great pleasure to congratulate Erik Schoppen and Ruud Heijenga for all their work bringing the ideas and applications of my Strategic Brand Management text into the Dutch market. I encourage all marketers there to take advantage of the many useful resources they offer. I also wish everyone there the very best in the endless pursuit of building strong brands.
Kevin Lane Keller, E.B. Soborn Professor of Marketing, Faculty Director Strategic Brand Management,
Tuck Darthmouth College in New Hampshire, USA.

Erik Schoppen and Ruud Heijenga did the editing of Strategic Brand Management (Kevin Lane Keller) for the Benelux market. This worldwide acknowledged book provides insights into how to create profitable brand strategies by building, measuring, and managing brand equity. More then 1000 photos from the personal image banks of the editors are incorporated in this authoritative guide (in American literature considered as the 'brand bible').

Biogen Idec

Miazo has developed a novel approach for connecting with consumers by merging brand loyalty marketing strategies with the latest insights in the neurosciences. Erik Schoppen presents his interdisciplinary (Neural Brand) model with clarity and simplicity, providing access to complexity, and potential of using neuroscience to inform and guide brand management. Despite the inherent complexities of human cognition, Erik is able to demystify our understanding of how the brain perceives, processes and stores information, and then reveals how this can be applied to marketing strategies to increase he effectiveness of brand messaging.
Kurt Kreiter Ph.D., Director - Global Medical Affairs - Neurology
Biogen Idec is a global leader in the discovery, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of innovative therapies. Biogen Idec's long-term growth strategy is the focus on addressing serious unmet medical needs worldwide.
[Worldwide annual sales/revenue USD 4.1 billion]

Baarsma Wine Group Nederland

'Erik surprised me time and again with an inspiring and conceptually strong vision on the development of our brands, never losing sight of the unruliness of the (retail)business. His true quality lies in understanding the buying motives and decision-making process of the consumer.'
Martijn Brander, Managing Director
Baarsma Wine Group Nederland is market leader in the Dutch off-trade, focused on supermarkets. It also hosts the Baarsma export department. The wide portfolio of international brands, private labels and innovative concepts makes it possible to offer a complete assortment to her trade partners.


'As part of our strategic marketing planning we have asked Erik to lecture on the latest trends and developments in the field of brand and product development and marketing and packaging concepts within the international beverage industry. We found this a very valuable and pleasant experience, one that has proven itself to be very useful within the company. Erik is fully informed in the field of new product development and the latest innovations in the market. Furthermore Erik is an exceptionally apt and pleasant speaker and an inspiring sparring-partner in (strategic) panel discussions. I can only warmly recommend him.'
Ruud de Vries, Marketing Manager
Since 1888 Hooghoudt is an independent family business. The company is market leader in the Netherlands in the field of spirits. With its nearly complete multichannel distribution network, Hooghoudt serves both the on-trade and off-trade market.


Miazo has amazed us with their insights into a broad and complex challenge. Outstanding ideas and strong visual execution has led to a unique and differentiating result.
Margo Lansink, Brand Manager
Bevaplast develops a broad range of first aid and safety care products, including private labels for retail. Bevaplast focuses on innovation and concept development of new products, and is partner of many lading drugstore and supermarket chains in the Netherlands and Germany.

Winetracks International

'Erik Schoppen is a fast and creative thinker with an eye to what does and what does not fit a brand. He stays close to the core values of a brand and knows how to reinforce a brand strategically and operationally. For the international wine brand Canei he not only has optimised the online communications, but also has thought along (pro)actively on how to translate this to consumer insights and a complete package for the brand.'
Susan Stas, Brand Manager
Winetracks International is a marketing led sales organisation building successful wine brands and selling them in the international wine arena. Since 2007 Winetracks International markets the wine brand Canei worldwide.

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