'Flow of the Wave' - Our Name and Philosophy

Miazo means 'flow of the wave'. Because waves have great impact on the surface of the oceans and they transform the envelope between air, water and land. Where waves influence our climate by mixing ocean and atmosphere, Miazo has a positive influence on organizations by achieving sustainable growth by creating value from within, inspired by a purposeful mission and vision.
In essence, Miazo is the flow of transforming sustainable business...

The flow of the wave reflects Miazo's philosophy:

Wash Up

Changing Perception
A wave is a forward motion of energy, caused by a fresh wind blowing over the ocean, changing its surface into waves. As waves grow in height, the wind pushes them along faster and higher. When the forward speed of the crest becomes faster than the speed of the wave, the wave breaks.

This 'brainwave' opens up our eyes, and symbolizes the breakthrough that brings new thoughts and insights.


Transforming Ideas
After a breaker has collapsed, a turbulent flow of water splashes up the beach. This swash is a powerful surge that changes appearance by removing and replacing beach sand. It stirs up old grounds, reshapes coastlines, and is responsible for the renewal of our beaches.

This stage refreshes the way we think. It sets the course for a mental journey, where inspiring new ideas are transformed into solid solutions.


Making Space Again
When the force of the swash has been spent against the slope of the beach, a return flow goes down the beach, leaving behind new materials in a revived environment. The wave has transformed the envelope between air, water and land.

This phase creates clarity in the mind, provides useable knowledge, and integrates strategy, language and design. The tide has come to bring developed concepts into practice.