Transforming Brand Value to Brand Equity

Miazo is an brand development consultancy and translation agency that offers communication solutions to make brands grow and keeping companies accessible, consistent and identifiable.
Our vision on building brand trust is based on an integrated approach to brand strategy, concept, design and communication.

Building Trust: Long-term Value Creation

Miazo helps brand owners to add to the Brand Equity of their brand(s) and advises companies on their identity, portfolio, growth strategy and positioning, resulting in strong brands that stand out from the crowd and show sustainable growth. We develop future-proof brands by creating durable customer relationships, and a future-focus on sustainable long-term goals.

Stories define Our Identity

Successful brand communication is not only about a strong brand identity, a relevant strategy, and an well designed and managed message, but should also reinforce brand dialogue and brand loyalty. We focus on fulfilling our client's objectives by ensuring the strength and consistency of their brand story. So it can be told - and retold without losing its meaning.