From Brand Values to Brand Value

Miazo views brand strategy not only as a process to achieve organizational goals and growth potential, but to also build sustainable trust-based relationships between companies and customers.
Miazo bases its strategy and creative thinking on a thorough analysis of our clients' brand(s) and marketing objectives, design needs, consumer insights, and innovations in their marketplace. Next Miazo determines a company's verbal and visual brand language, followed by identifying opportunities and defining a strategy to realize new branding and marketing communication plans.


At Miazo our brand research and development is based on design innovation thinking and the Build-Bridge-Bond®-methodology for achieving sustainable brand leadership. The methodology, developed by co-founder Erik Schoppen, shows the bridging stages to come from vision and purposeful core values (that form the basis of brand identity) to trust-based brand relations by meaningful Brand Experience (brand dialogue), and positive user experiences (customer intimacy and brand experience) that build long-lasting brand loyalty (brand reputation).

Our Brand Strategy Services

Brand Consultancy

Creating Added Value
Miazo helps to increase the brand product's perceived value to the customer and thereby increase brand equity, by providing (consumer) insights, creative design and usability concepts, and effective communication and marketing strategies. Resulting in increased sales and marketshare, and a better brand salience (top of mind position - when consumers choose your product).

Brand Management

Building Strong Brands
Brands developed and invested in by a company over time are one of its most valuable assets. They are the effort and knowledge of managing all ingredients that makes a brand successful (logos, symbols, colours, packaging, service, sensory experiences, cultural differences, etc.). Miazo can be of service in formulating strategic management guidelines to keep brands and companies accessible, consistent and recognizable for global and local markets.

Name Development

The Right Brand Image
Creating names is not only a linguistic skill, but also a visual art. Because in the end the composition and typography of the name must be visualized. This takes a lot of research. Because distinction creates recognition. A name should be easy to understand and pronounce; should not be negative and still challenge your thinking. Sometimes by inventing new words. Sometimes by giving a new meaning to your company or product identity.