Conveying Brand Values Through Language

When people think about brands, most people give the impression that what they stand for is mostly about visual elements, like logos and corporate colours. But when we construct a brand with our thoughts, we use in most cases words (brand associations). When a brand's tone of voice is consistent, it allows the consumer to recognize its brand and its perceived expectations. Miazo believes the strongest brands are those that use a brand language that allows the brand to convey its distinctive essence and values or qualities through the associations it uses.

Our Brand Language Services

For Miazo a good translation is not only a transfer from one language into another language, it also places the content of a concept into another cultural context. To be able to translate a text correctly, translators don't only have to know languages but also have to have world knowledge. Situational knowledge is crucial for a perfect, authentic translation.
Miazo localizes content for books, websites, software, presentations, brochures or manuals, to local and global markets. Miazo can localize source documents to the cultural and linguistics aspects of a target language. A simple conversion from the source language to the target language is not enough; the content has to be adapted to different cultural areas as well.

At Miazo copy should be precise, concise, sincere, and of the best interest and value to the reader. Crisp, catchy and compact writing is the result of endless polishing, a refreshing style of writing, and the refusal to deliver copy that does not create interest or involvement. At Miazo, the copywriter - and the translator - has a passion for perfection.