Designing The Essence

Brand design is the process of creating relevant and believable brands that have visual impact.
Miazo formulates brand values and defines a strategy to build strong brands that have a unique presence and a focused message. Brands that create awareness and that are smart, distinctive and communicative. Miazo translates effective branding concepts into recognizable corporate / brand identities that clearly convey the essence of your business to your potential clients.

Our Design Innovation Process

Miazo conceptualizes the most creative and most practical solutions possible for our clients.
Miazo provides strategic design and marketing concepts for packaging and retail, using the latest innovations in consumer insights. Resulting in design that differentiates and reinforces business, and that inspires through challenging concepts, functional design, and dynamic appearance.
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Our Brand Design Services

Strategic Design

Design Management
Companies do not only use strategic design as a competitive tool, they also position design strategically within their organizations. If employed at an early stage in the communication strategy, strategic design can manage all further design activities, and is one of the most important assets to a business strategy. Miazo can be helpful to integrate strategic design into your organization.

Persuasive Design

Design that Delivers
Persuasive Design is about guiding users with design solutions in their desicion making. Most of our decisions are emotion driven, therefore it is essential to understand users and influencing their behavior positively (nudging). At Miazo we help brand owners to understand their clients drives and motives, and helping their clients to choose by offering the right trust indicators.

Brand Identity

Visualizing Core Values
A good brand or corporate identity is always an abstract of the culture represented by a company or organization; it should represent the essence and soul of your company, but at the same time it should communicate all brand values. It should reflect the past, the present, and especially the future. It defines and visualizes the core values of your companie(s).